Vitamins and dietary supplements for the treatment of epilepsy

Most of the natural treatments for epilepsy are not confirmed by tests. However, antiepileptic drugs, although they are considered effective, still do not cure the disease, but only eliminate or reduce symptoms and ailments. Therefore, many people try to use a variety of herbs, vitamins and food supplements, hoping to definitively get rid of the onerous disease or to supplement the pharmacological treatment.


Antiepileptic drugs are extremely helpful, but they do not work in all patients, and their use may involve the risk of side effects.


Treatment using herbs is the oldest method that was used long before pharmacological and modern medicine emerged. There are many plants that bring beneficial effects to people suffering from epilepsy. These include: valerian, peony, mistletoe, mugwort. People with epilepsy, on the other hand, have to avoid all preparations containing ephedrine or caffeine, which can aggravate the symptoms of the disease.

You should also avoid products that can interfere with the action of anticonvulsants: gingko biloba, St. John’s wort, garlic, mint tea.


For some types of epilepsy, vitamins can reduce the number of seizures. In case epilepsy is dependent on pyridoxine, vitamin B6 is used because the body does not metabolise this vitamin properly.

A greater risk of seizures may be associated with magnesium deficiency. Some studies suggest that magnesium supplementation can reduce seizures. An article on this subject was published in Epilepsy Research from 2012.

Many people with epilepsy also have a deficiency of vitamin E, which has the strength of antioxidant properties. Vitamin E is often helpful in people for whom conventional drug treatment does not bring the expected results. According to current knowledge, vitamin E can be safely taken with traditional medicines for epilepsy.

Dietary supplements.

Lifepharm, a manufacturer of the LAMININE dietary supplement, recommends using this preparation for epilepsy. In the case of epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease, the dosage should be between 2 and 6 capsules daily, depending on the severity of the symptoms.

If you are interested in new herbs or dietary supplements – talk to your doctor. It may turn out that some natural remedies may supplement the current treatment regimen.

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