Does penis size matter?

According to most men, a penis with too little size is the cause of all problems in sexual life. For some, the size of the penis becomes an obsession. It is worth considering whether the penis is really small or if we wrongly blame it for all sexual failures. How can you tell what size is right?

Most often, we measure the erect penis and look for information if the size is right. There are many contradictory information on the “normal size” on the internet. One should realize that each person is different and the size of the penis is an individual feature. Penis differ not only in length, but also in thickness and shape. The same is true of the size of a woman’s vagina. Some women are shallower, others deeper, more or less moisturized, all this affects the comfort of sexual intercourse. It is important to match the partners so that they feel pleasure and satisfaction.

The easiest way to enlarge your penis is to take tablets. Pharmacies and online stores offer a lot of different tablets guaranteeing immediate success. How do penis enlargement pills work? Do they really have a chance to act? You also need to consider how pills of unknown origin will affect our health and body. If you absolutely want to use this method, read the composition of the supplement, find information about the pharmaceutical company that produces the specific and check whether the product has all the necessary approvals.

The safest methods for penis enlargement are natural methods, i.e. penis exercises. The only condition necessary to achieve satisfactory results is regular exercise and patient waiting for results. On the internet you can find a lot of such sets of exercises that should be adapted to your problem. These exercises involve manual stimulation of the member in various ways. If you have your sexual partner, do these exercises together. This will be an interesting foreplay and variety of your sex life.

There are also various types of pumps and expanders on the market whose task is to enlarge the penis. The manufacturers of these devices argue that they are currently the most effective ways to enlarge the penis. The procedure involves sucking the penis, which actually causes boldness. However, it is a temporary state. After a short time, the size of the penis returns to its previous size. Manufacturers claim that after prolonged use the penis will grow permanently. Can it really be true? It is difficult to assess. It may be worth trying this method. There are voices of men who say they really see the effects. But unfortunately, the internet has it to yourself that it is difficult to check the reliability of ratings appearing on forums and blogs – perhaps these are hidden advertising content.

If, despite all warnings, we decide to buy any penis enlargement device, it is worth investing and not buying cheap Chinese counterfeits. In terms of health, it is not worth risking and exposing yourself to potential health damage. As with tablets, you also need to check the certificates and reputation of manufacturers.

The most important thing – if you think about enlarging your penis, first talk to your partner about it. Despite your fears, it may be that the dimensions of your penis are completely satisfactory for her.

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