Acne and diet

Have you asked the dermatologist what is the relationship between diet and acne. He certainly said that there is no such relationship. Is this really true? Every person suffering from acne noticed that acne reduced after eating some food. On the other hand, other foods cause acne worse. Why?

The theory that acne has no relation to diet is a myth

Proper diet can in many cases significantly reduce inflammation and even remove acne. Recent studies have shown a direct link between diet and acne. The wrong diet is now considered to be the primary cause of acne. Improper diet can have a negative impact on the hormonal system and the natural process of eliminating toxins from the body, which can worsen existing acne.

Diet is a factor that is essential for the proper functioning of our body. What we eat affects our physical and mental being, every internal organ and every cell of our body. Skin diseases and acne are a symptom of a chronic internal problem, slowly formed and built by bad daily dietary choices over the years.

People who live and eat traditionally have healthy skin.

Acne and sugar

Sugar does not have any nutritional value. Recent studies clearly show the relationship between sugar consumption and acne increase. Do you like to drink sweet drinks? Do you eat a lot of sweets? Try to give up this product for a few days. Immediately you will notice acne reduction.

Acne and dairy products

If you know that sugar can increase acne, then find out that another important factor in the formation of acne is milk. Since youth we are taught that you should drink milk to have healthy bones and healthy teeth. Are you concerned about calcium intake? Milk has an acidifying effect on the body and actually deprives the body of calcium resources. Milk takes calcium from the bone, which is used to balance acidity. Green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds have much more calcium than milk. Milk is a great and life-giving drink, but only for a baby who drinks milk from his own mother. Adult mammals do not drink milk (except human). Is not this a perfect hint from nature? Avoid milk and milk products for a few days. Observe your mood and you will definitely notice some positive changes.

Diet is just one of the factors causing acne

Because the wrong diet is just one of the triggers for acne, in most cases no special diet will stop acne. There is, however, a close link between diet and acne. Learn to watch how your body reacts to different foods. You will definitely notice that avoiding certain foods and products reduces acne. Eat what is good, then you will have a healthy body and well being.

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