Health values of dishes from tofu

The health values of tofu are no novelty for every vegetarian. Vegetarians have long reported the value of this soy product, which is used by many people as an alternative to meat. However, the benefits of eating tofu begin to go beyond the vegetarian community.

More and more consumers who are aware of the need for healthy eating, pay attention to this versatile product. Tofu can be used in a wide range of delicious dishes. It has become an important semi-product, the advantages of which have been appreciated by many cooking people.

Tofu is made from soy quark and can be widely used depending on the moisture content. Soft tofu, produced directly from soy milk, is characterized by the highest moisture content among all tofu varieties. This type of tofu has a creamy consistency and is perfect for making desserts. Hard tofu contains less moisture than a soft counterpart, and because it holds its shape well, it is most often used in tofu recipes. Dried tofu has a very low moisture content and its consistency equates to cooked meat. Most chefs use this kind of tofu after previous crumbling, slicing or forming into pasta.

Tofu can be successfully frozen or processed into puree. Thanks to this, dishes can be cooked earlier and served at any time if necessary.

Tofu owes its versatility to its delicate flavor. Tofu perfectly absorbs the aroma from other food ingredients. It can be served in soups, as stuffing or stuffing, raw, stewed, fried or grilled. Tofu is characterized by low calorie levels and high protein levels, and does not contain cholesterol. It is believed that it can reduce the risk of heart disease. No wonder that more and more people interested in a healthy lifestyle, include tofu in their diet.

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