Natural methods for osteoporosis

It is understood for all that weak muscles can be strengthened through proper diet and physical exercise. Can osteoporosis be the same?

Bones are constantly regenerated. Old cells are constantly exchanged for new ones, regardless of age. However, for the first part of life, bone regeneration is fast enough that there is no bone density loss. Then, the process gradually slows down, and as a result, bone density is reduced by about 1% per year. Studies show that elderly people are approaching a point called osteopenia, which can turn into osteoporosis if the bone density goes down.

Osteoporosis can be stopped and reversed in a natural way – the body is able to build strong and healthy bones – at any age.

Causes of osteoporosis and risk factors.

According to medical sources, the loss of bone density by about 1% per year is normal after reaching the age of forty. Officially there are many causes and risk factors that increase the risk of getting sick. The general causes of osteoporosis are as follows:

  • Lack of physical activity.
  • Hyperthyroidism.
  • Too much sugar and sugary drinks consumption.
  • Too low estrogen levels.
  • Side effects of medicines (including those treated with osteoporosis).

These reasons can be summarized as a deficiency of nutrients necessary to build healthy bones. The necessary elements to maintain bone regeneration at the correct level are: calcium, magnesium, boron, strontium and other trace elements, vitamin D3, K2, A, B, C, E and omega 3 fatty acids. The deficiency of these components may be caused, inter alia, by excessive consumption of pro-inflammatory compounds (refined sugars, pesticides, endocrine disrupters).

A natural and proven way to treat osteoporosis.

The diet directly affects the condition of the skeletal system and bone density. Too little calcium and magnesium is harmful. Vitamin K2 allows proper absorption of calcium into the bone. What is also needed is a protein that is a structural basis for bones and a restriction of proinflammatory products. Many problems will be solved by a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains. Maintaining the correct bone density will make it easier to avoid excess sugar, processed foods and artificial ingredients. Nutritional support is essential regardless of whether you are using pharmacological agents or not. However, in the case of osteoporosis, it is difficult to obtain enough nutrients from just food.

As a dietary supplement, supporting the treatment of osteoporosis and in the case of bone problems, LAMININE is recommended (2-3 capsules daily with light ailments, 4-5 capsules daily with severe ailments).

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