Functioning of the immune system in older people

Over the years, the functioning of the immune system is getting weaker. This is one of the causes of more infections and diseases among older people. How to improve the functioning of the immune system in older people?

Although life expectancy increases in developed countries, the problem of age-related diseases still remains in the sphere of hypotheses.

Many older people are healthy even up to the late years, but many studies indicate that older people are more likely to get infectious diseases than younger people. It is very worrying that these diseases often end in death. Considering the whole world, among people over 65 years of age, the most common cause of death is pneumonia, influenza and respiratory infections.

A large number of scientists believe that the reason for this is the decrease in the number of T cells that are needed to effectively fight infection. That is, the weakening of the immune system response may be due to age-related atrophy of the thymus. There is also the view that the cause of weakened immunity is the limited functioning of the bone marrow, which produces fewer stem cells, which are necessary for the effective functioning of the system that protects the body against harmful pathogens and microorganisms.

The reduction in the strength of the immune system is reflected in the reduced effectiveness of vaccines among older people. Research in connection with the use of influenza vaccines has shown that among people over the age of 65, the vaccine is less effective than among children. However, there is a large group of older people whose immunity is high and which very rarely get sick.

There are grounds to believe that there is a connection between diet and the immune system in older people. Even in developed countries, the majority of people – especially the elderly – find a deficiency of essential vitamins and microelements that can be naturally obtained from a properly composed diet.

Strengthening the immune system in older people

Older people usually suffer from lack of appetite and eat much less than younger people, so many people ask the question whether dietary supplements can help the elderly to maintain a healthy immune system. This matter should be decided by the doctor, because although dietary supplements may be beneficial for the elderly, even small changes in the diet can have serious consequences in this age group.

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