Better health of athletes thanks to new discoveries

Sport surrounds us from every side. At any time, several dozen sporting events of the highest world rank take place. This inspires us to engage in the training of some sport discipline or even to make an effort to become more physically active. Commitment to a sports career has a great impact on physical and mental health. Is sporting really healthy?

According to the statement of the International Olympic Committee, professional athletes may have weakened immune systems. The reasons for this state of affairs are seen mainly in extremely difficult environmental conditions that result from training on the edge of the body’s endurance. Psychological stress resulting from the pressure of success and contact with crowds of supporters, which increases the risk of exposure to pathogens, contributes to the deepening of the problem.

The Olympic Committee stated unequivocally that intensive and prolonged training is associated with an increased risk of changes in the immune system. They can increase the risk of developing systemic diseases. This conclusion was drawn on the basis of research conducted among professional athletes in international competitions, among others such as summer and winter Olympic games, youth Olympic winter games, summer Paralympic games, winter Paralympic games and other international competitions in various sports (athletics, water sports, football, rugby).

Intensive sports activity increases the risk of illness.

Research carried out at major international sports events has shown that 6-17% of registered athletes suffer from a disease. In the last summer Olympic and winter games nearly 10% of athletes reported the disease. The largest percentage of athletes reported infections and respiratory disease. In addition, problems with the digestive system, the genitourinary system and the skin and subcutaneous tissues have been reported. It has been found, however, that athletes may also experience symptoms (eg sore throat, sinus congestion and cough) that are similar to the symptoms of infection, but are actually caused by allergies or inflammation for other reasons, such as inhaling cold, dry or contaminated air .

All athletes, both professional athletes and weekend athletes, should be aware that intense physical exercise can be harmful to the immune system, as well as muscle tissue – exercise can cause injuries caused by free radicals. The studies confirmed the benefits of using the Bacillus Coagulans strain to optimize health and regeneration after intense physical activity.

DIGESTIVE+++ contains 1.5 billion active spores of Bacillus Coagulans and a probiotic Lactobacillus. Studies have confirmed that spore-producing Lactobacillus withstands digestive enzymes and has a viability in the colon. This is probably one of the most optimal probiotics for human consumption, and the spore coating protects it from environmental factors during handling and storage. Therefore, it has a longer life span. This product is especially recommended for athletes who practice sports intensively, thus exposing the body to the risk of immune-mediated diseases.

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