Botox, fillers or wrinkle creams?

How to remove wrinkles? This question drove many people’s heads. There are plenty of ways to choose from. Injections, fillers, creams, supplements. Each method has its followers and opponents. What to choose and what effects to expect?

Botox is the most recognizable type of anti-wrinkle injections. How do botox injections work? Botox injections are usually applied on the face where the muscle tone causes a difficult to remove wrinkle. Wrinkles on the face are caused by repetitive movements of the facial muscles. Blinking, smiling, or browning are activities that are the source of wrinkles.

Botox paralyzes the muscles and thus wrinkles are no longer visible. Injections do not treat wrinkles and their effects do not last more than three months. The effects of the injections are temporary and the injections are quite expensive. However, the visual improvement is very fast and the effects are impressive.

Wrinkle fillers work quite differently. Fillers are injected directly into the wrinkle. They smooth the surface of the skin and fill the unevenness. They do not interfere with the muscles. For effects you have to wait longer than using botox. However, the smoothing of wrinkles lasts considerably longer, about 12 months. Injection of wrinkle filler is therefore cheaper than botox treatments.

For those fearful of injections, a good alternative is creams or pills.

Botox injections, as well as wrinkle fillers, only work on the skin surface and for a very short time. Creams and tablets nourish and heal the skin. Supplements eliminate wrinkles not only for a short time. There are many safe formulas worth trying. According to the latest rankings, ImpreSkin and Collagenics take first place. Accelerates skin regeneration. Repairs damage caused by sun rays. Reduces existing wrinkles and prevents new ones from forming.

The additional drawback of injections is that when you stop using them, the skin will return to its previous appearance, and even the wrinkles may enlarge. After years of botox or filler injection and no treatment or supplements, skin usually looks bad. To maintain the desired effect, people are required to continue to use injections or even to perform plastic surgery.

People using wrinkle creams have to wait a little longer for the effects, but their skin actually regenerates, and not only looks better.

Who knows what will be the evolution of beauty treatments. It may win fast but expensive injection, improving only the appearance of the skin. Or perhaps more popular will be the holistic approach to the body, centered on nutrition and regeneration.

And what is your opinion about wrinkle removal? Do you choose injections or creams? Or maybe the look of your skin does not matter to you?

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