How to treat lumbar pain?

Back pain is a tiring disorder. The treatment of low back pain is not complicated, unless the cause of pain is another, more serious illness (bone fracture, infection, cancer). Today, we take into account the non-specific, chronic lower back pain, which excludes the existence of more serious causes. How to get rid of such pain?

The natural reaction to pain is to avoid movement. In the case of chronic pain, the opposite should be done. The most important element in the treatment of chronic back pain is movement therapy, which strengthens the muscles and thus relieves the spine. Rehabilitative gymnastics should be continued until the pain subsides completely. After completing the physical therapy it is necessary to remain physically active, so as not to let the pain return.

In addition to movement therapy, other supportive methods can be used. In the case of severe pain, you may need painkillers, without which it would not be possible to perform daily activities. It is also helpful to learn relaxation techniques that help in dealing with pain. It is important to be able to maintain the correct posture and to move properly at work and in everyday life. In some cases, acupuncture or massage can bring pain relief.

How to accelerate the treatment of back pain yourself?

Take note of some facts that may speed up the treatment or prevent back pain.

  • Avoiding daily activities increases the time of pain treatment.
  • Regular physical activity strengthens the muscles and prevents pain attacks. Gym, swimming pool, bike or walks – the form of activity does not matter, regularity is important. If playing sports does not attract you, then you can incorporate more movement into everyday activities. More travel on foot and less driving by car will definitely be beneficial to your health.
  • An incorrect posture can be the cause of back pain. Avoid tipping, adjust the height of the chair seat in the workplace.
  • Too much weight of the body is an additional burden on the spine.
  • Avoid exposing the spine to overloading. Lift weights with your back straight. Take breaks if you work in a sitting position.

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