Chronic lower back pain

Today we will deal with back pain, which some people feel between the ribs and buttocks, that is in the lumbar region of the spine. This type of pain sometimes reaches even to the legs. It can be termed chronic if it affects for at least 2-3 months, or it is severe if it appears suddenly and quickly subsides. How are the causes of chronic back pain?

Back pain is usually the sum of several factors. These may be physical causes (muscle tension, old age, spinal injuries), psychological reasons (psychological tension, stress, conflicts), factors related to work or lifestyle (overweight, sedentary lifestyle).

Back pain is a very troublesome complaint. Even though it causes a lot of confusion in the patient’s life, it is usually not dangerous if it is not caused by any serious illness. Therefore, the first step after the onset of symptoms should be talking to your doctor. After a simple examination of the physical condition, the doctor will correctly diagnose the type of pain and recommend proper treatment. If more serious conditions are suspected, additional tests will be necessary.

The exclusion of other diseases as a cause of back pain is the first good news during the diagnosis. In this case, you should start physiotherapy. When feeling acute back pain, it is natural to limit movement and effort. However, in the case of chronic pain, the only effective route is movement therapy. Appropriately dosed movement makes the pain gradually disappear.

Not every type of physical activity is indicated for people experiencing low back pain. In this matter, it is best to seek professional advice from a physiotherapist or a physiotherapist. The basic task of muscle training and stretching exercises is to strengthen the back muscles and relieve the spine.

It is important to remain physically active after the end of physical therapy or physiotherapy. Regular physical exercise is the most effective method of preventing back pain. However, there is no need to force yourself to run or go to the gym if you do not like it. For everyday health, daily walks or the introduction of more traffic in ordinary activities are enough. Come up the stairs instead of using the elevator, give up driving and travel on foot on short distances.

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