Chronic back pain and omega 3 supplementation

Mild and moderate pain within the skeletal and muscular system is a common ailment. Pain in the joints, muscles and bones affects especially middle-aged and elderly people. The problem also applies to younger people who intensely play sports. Where can I get help with back and neck pain? Can they be treated without the use of painkillers?

The approaching and straining of sensitive back and neck muscles may be of a chronic nature. Depending on the type of primary injury, the pain may be permanent or recurring. Secondary injuries may also occur. In middle-aged and elderly people, arthritis pain may occur in the wrist joints, elbows, arms and hips. Athletes also experience pain as a consequence of intense training and microscopic injuries to muscles, tendons and bones. The backs are particularly vulnerable to injuries because they keep the body vertical, and back strain is necessary to protect the spine from damage.

The source of pain in the sciatic nerve and difficult to treat inflammation may be injury, overload, incorrect posture or chronic illness.

For many years painkillers – non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – were the only effective method of relieving pain. For the treatment of pain, agents such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), Naproksen (Aleve) were used, among others. Currently, new generation analgesic drugs called “COX-2 inhibitors” or “COX-2 selective” are used, which are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents. They also have an inhibitory effect on the development of inflammation, but the use of this type of medicine is associated with numerous contraindications and undesirable side effects.

In addition to painkillers, there are other measures to relieve chronic, mild or moderate pain – safe and effective, without contraindications and side effects.

Omega 3 heals pain and relieves inflammation

Alleviation of minor or moderate inflammatory pain with essential omega fatty acids is justified according to scientific studies that have been conducted among patients suffering from arthritic arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases and menstrual cramps. Polyunsaturated omega 3 fatty acids are used to treat joint pain resulting from inflammation. Chronic enteritis is also a source of pain that worsens the quality of life and prevents functioning. More than half of the female population experiences unpleasant abdominal cramps during menstruation. This, in turn, can have a negative impact on family relationships, work, the possibility of concentration, and other daily activities.

OMEGA+++ is a dietary supplement that uses natural ingredients to relieve joint pain. These substances are essential for the proper functioning of mitochondria, which are the driving force that keeps the optimal functioning of all cell types in the body. This dietary supplement is enriched with borage oil, which is an excellent source of medicinal substances that increase the effectiveness of the preparation. Think about incorporating omega 3 into your daily diet to improve your bones and joints.

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