Causes of knee pain and treatment options

Each type of pain is difficult to bear, but pain in the knee can cause additional complications because it limits the ability to move. The necessity to limit daily activities causes a lot of discomfort. Research shows that about 30 percent of people who visit doctors every year report problems with their knees.

The highest percentage of knee injury concerns professional athletes or people leading an active lifestyle. But people who have nothing to do with sports also have problems with their knees. One of the main causes of knee injury are rapid movements including knee joint overload. That’s why knee pain is a common complaint in athletes. The knee joint is the largest joint of our skeleton, which must withstand very high loads.

Another common cause of knee pain is physical damage. Damage to the knee can cause falls, high altitude jumps, traffic accidents and many other factors. Athletes are very susceptible to knee injuries because they are very active and their body functions at the limits of endurance. Exceeding the strength limit results in bodily injury, such as a knee injury. Basketball players are susceptible to damage to the anterior cruciate ligament, which is usually the consequence of damage to the ligaments in the tibia and femur. In the same way, people who perform repetitive activities that put excessive pressure on the knee joint are exposed to damage to the knee.

Another cause of knee pain is tendinitis. When the tendons are exploited too intensely, they become susceptible to infection. As a result of the infection, pain may appear around the knee. Osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative disease in people over 50, is also a cause of knee pain. It is a disorder that arises as a result of the degeneration of cartilage, which is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The first step to overcoming knee pain is to stop actions that worsen the pain. If the pain is the result of a fresh injury, it will be a relief to wrap the knee with a flexible bandage. The use of a cane that will relieve the damaged knee and speed up healing is also helpful in reducing pain.

Physiotherapy brings good results in the treatment of knee pain. Exercise helps to reduce knee pain. Rehabilitation should be delicate and systematic. Swimming is one of the best activities when you experience pain in your knee. Swimming is not a burden and therefore does not cause stress around the knee.

If knee pain is difficult to accept, there is nothing else to seek professional advice. In the event of a large knee joint injury, waiting too long may cause the situation to deteriorate.

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