Knee pain while walking

The knees are prone to injuries and damage. This is mainly due to the complex construction of the knee, which consist of bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Knee joints are exposed to heavy loads. We should take care of them by taking appropriate preventive actions. If we know how to diagnose the symptoms of a knee injury, then we will avoid knee surgery, which is the ultimate option.

The knee joint is the largest human joint. It is built from the femur joint surface, the tibia and the patella, which are surrounded by a common joint capsule. In the knee there are two specialized, elastic surfaces that fit together during movement, so called meniscus.

The symptoms of knee trauma are easy to see. Pain while kneeling, pain at touch, swelling. Causes can be varied. Tearing of the ligaments, cartilage damage, soft tissue wear. Each of these injuries should be correctly diagnosed, because untreated may lead to the need for surgery.

The most common knee injury is tearing of the ligaments. With such injury, knee distortion and swelling (swollen knee) are visible.

If you notice any of the symptoms listed below, immediately go to orthopedics:

  • severe knee pain
  • blunt and chronic knee pain
  • swollen and hot knee joint
  • elevated body temperature
  • cold leg
  • sina or numb foot
  • distorted leg or pond
  • blocked knee, no bend legs

Regardless of the cause of joint pain, Flexin500 will help to eliminate the source of the pain. If joint pain occurs in the morning and past the time of withdrawal, then the cause is inflammation. In the case of the elderly, the cause may be degenerative disease. Cause of joint damage can also be overload. The most common sources of injury include hard work, over-training, or injury caused by sudden injury. In such cases, pain occurs during movement, for example, when getting up from a chair.

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