Injuries during training, what to do?

No one wants to experience injuries while doing sport. Unfortunately, injuries are often inevitable, especially if you train intensively. The more you push your body, whether in physical exercise or during normal activities, the more likely you are to risk injury. You could lie in bed all day and do nothing, but is that a good solution?

What should I do after an injury?

Depending on the location and severity of the injury, you will probably need to put an exercise break or at least modify your training schedule. The first step is to seek medical advice.

The biggest mistake made by the athletes is to ignore the injury. Many people assume that the trauma simply disappears. It’s true when it comes to minor injuries. However, even in this case, it is better to take care of the correct and complete cure of the injury and to prevent complications.

If your injuries are minor, you can continue the exercise, but you will need to modify your training plan and consult your doctor.

In the first 72 hours, just rest! Interruption of training for three days will facilitate basic regeneration of damaged tissues. If you continue to train despite the injury, you will stop the natural healing mechanisms and cause minor injuries to get worse.

After a few days you can slowly increase your activity. Remember to watch your body respond. If you get severe pain, stop training immediately. Do not overload your body during regeneration to avoid injury.

Over a period of several weeks or even months, the feeling of discomfort or pain can return. This is a natural situation. As long as you do not have any problems, make sure your training is less intense. Take extra steps to help you recover. Your doctor may recommend a massage or laser therapy to speed up the healing of injured muscles.

Remember to properly warm up before workout and use the right technique for exercising. This will avoid injury in the future. Never try to overcome the pain. Your body is the only one you have, take care of it and then it will serve you for a long time!

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