Neck pain annoys everyday life

The constant experience of pain is exhausting and frustrating. Pain is a source of tension and anxiety. Each subsequent attack of pain intensifies inflammatory processes and prevents you from relaxing. The pain is distracting and does not allow to take care of personal, professional matters, learning and other daily activities. The consequence of prolonged pain may be depression and loss of motivation for all activities.

Research is currently underway to confirm the anti-inflammatory properties of natural herbal preparations. Nutrients, micronutrients and vitamins and other substances contained in plants and herbs have a beneficial therapeutic effect, which is implemented on several levels. Natural preparations work, inter alia, by regulating the immune system, antioxidant activity, inhibiting the development of inflammatory factors and antiplatelet effect. Numerous studies have shown that specific herbal therapies can reduce the intensity of discomfort associated with ulcerative colitis and reduce the overall level of inflammation and reduce oxidative stress rates.

Long-term use of synthetic drugs is associated with the risk of unwanted side effects. Complications that may arise include gastric disorder, heart problems and circulatory system. In some cases, the use of synthetic painkillers may cause adverse interactions with other drugs. Particularly controlled should be people who have kidney or heart problems, allergies, hypertension.

The researchers found that when treating mild, inoperable neck or back pain, omega 3 supplements are a safer alternative compared to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Using the standardized pain intensity assessment system, six parameters were assessed:

  1. Pain intensity according to the patient.
  2. Intensity of pain according to the doctor.
  3. The duration of morning stiffness.
  4. The number of painful and hypersensitive joints.
  5. A joint index that assesses joint stiffness by measuring the pressure necessary to bend and return to the initial state.
  6. The dose of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Results in the effectiveness of pain management have shown that Ibuprofen and omega 3 have the same effect in mild to moderate arthritis pain. Researchers found that supplements of essential omega 3 fatty acids seem to be a safer alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the treatment of inoperable neck or back pain. After taking omega 3 for approximately 4 months, patients experienced significantly less pain in the joints, morning stiffness was reduced and analgesics were reduced. Omega 3 acids proved to be an effective dietary supplement, supporting the treatment of pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, intestinal inflammation and menstrual cramps.

OMEGA+++ contains pure polyunsaturated omega 3 fatty acids that come from natural sources. The preparation has a beneficial effect on the removal of joint pain due to the content of essential components, including vitamin K2, which supports the health of bones and arteries, and coenzyme CoQ10, which strengthens all cells of the body.

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