Facts about pheromones

Do pheromones really exist? Is the activity of pheromones scientifically proven? Do products that according to advertisements contain pheromones actually contain them? Before you decide to buy human pheromones, read what pheromones are.

There are three main pheromone substances

The existence of three pheromones has been scientifically confirmed. These are androstenone, androsterone and androstenol. If you want to buy human pheromones, the product you have selected must contain at least one of the listed pheromones. Androstonone is most effective. The effect of the other two substances is much less effective. If the product components are referred to as “secret”, then this product is likely to contain no real pheromones and will not work.

Under special circumstances pheromones may lose their properties

It is very important to follow certain pheromone storage rules. One of the factors that can destroy pheromones inside a bottle is heat. If you put pheromones in the sun, it may turn out to be useless. Buy pheromones only where you get 100% guarantee. If you order Alluramin or Alter Ego and during transport, they will be exposed to overheating (for example exposed to sunlight), then the pheromones will stop working. A good seller will agree to replace the broken product with a new one. After opening the package, smell the product. Useless pheromones tend to smell odd.

Human pheromones have negative side effects

Human pheromones can change people’s behavior. They act on the person who uses pheromones and on those who are around. The desired response is a greater interest in the opposite sex. There are also negative side effects of using pheromones. Negative side effects usually result from overdose of androstenone. Androstenone overdose may be irritating to the person who uses the pheromone and the people around him. Common symptoms are sudden and unwarranted outbursts of anger.

The strongest pheromone substance is androstenone

The main component of pheromone products should be androstenone, since it is most effective. When deciding to buy pheromones, choose those that have high levels of androstenone and possibly a small addition of other pheromones. You can buy pure androstenone and then mix it with other pheromones. Androstenone can change the mood and behavior of a person, making it easier to see that pheromones really work.

Pheromones need a catalyst for proper functioning

Pheromones will not work against human senses. You need to stimulate all the senses in which nature has provided us. The smell alone will not work. Pheromones will enhance attractiveness for the opposite sex, but certainly will not do all the work for us.

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