Proven medications for acne

On the Internet it is easy to buy a variety of anti-acne medications. Some of them are prescription medications, others are available without a prescription. There are even herbal acne medications. However, many of them do not bring the expected results. How to choose an effective acne medicine?

The problem is that there is no one medication, good for everyone. Different people react differently to individual medications and therapies. However, there are several anti-acne medications that have been proven in clinical trials. These medications will be effective in most patients.

Anti-acne prescription medications

In the prescription drug group, Accutane is one of the best. It is often referred to as a “miracle drug” for acne. The most effective is to treat severe cystic acne. Retin-A and Renova are also popular prescription medications. In addition to effectively eliminating acne, they also smooth out fine wrinkles and slight skin discoloration. Avoid sun light and other topical acne treatments when using these medicines.

You can also use antibiotics and birth control pills against acne. Birth control pills can only be used by women and their effectiveness has been confirmed in the case of hormone-induced acne. Antibiotics work by eliminating the bacteria responsible for the creation of acne.

Home remedies for acne

There are also non-prescription methods that effectively treat acne. The best two are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

Benzoyl peroxide penetrates deep into skin pores and eliminates acne-causing bacteria that are deep in the skin. Benzoyl peroxide is a very common method of acne treatment because it is inexpensive, easily available and very effective.

Salicylic acid works by cleansing the upper layers of the dead skin. It speeds up regeneration of the skin and prevents blockage of pores.

Herbs for the treatment of acne

There are many herbs that are advertised as effective in acne therapy. However, only in the case of two, it is proven that they stop acne. Herbs that heal acne effectively include tea tree oil and green tea cream.

Tea tree oil for several hundred years has been used in Australia as a natural anti-inflammatory medication. Research conducted in 1990 showed that it is just as effective in treating acne as 5% benzoyl peroxide. In addition, it has no undesirable side effects. Similar properties have a cream of green tea, which is very effective in the treatment of rosacea.

These are just some of the scientifically confirmed drugs for acne. Each of the mentioned methods of treatment is worth trying, because in most cases they bring the expected results.

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  • 7 July 2021 at 07:02

    In my case, the cause of acne was hypersensitivity to dairy products. Literally nothing helped until the doctor made the correct diagnosis. Creams, vitamins, dietary supplements, even an autovaccine. There was literally no improve. And now there is no trace of acne. It was enough to eliminate milk and milk products from the diet. Where there were the ugliest pimples, there are still very delicate marks on the skin. But even they disappear over time.


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