Safe microwave oven

The idea of a microwave oven was created many years ago. The first commercial construction was created in 1947 and it was possible to buy it for around 5000 dollars. It was the size of a large refrigerator and weighed about twenty times more than modern constructions. Today it is difficult to imagine a kitchen in which there is no microwave oven, and the price of this device is many times lower. What are the risks of using microwaves to heat food? Is the microwave oven safe? Read more

An important matter in the bodybuilder’s diet

Every bodybuilder is looking for this one, secret diet that will cause phenomenal muscle growth. Most of us know how to train, but not many bodybuilders apply the most important nutrition principle, which determines the rapid increase in muscle mass. Diet for a bodybuilder is not only a matter of protein and carbohydrates, but also the time when you eat these valuable nutrients. Read more

Controversial acai berries

It has been loud about acai berries for a long time. This Brazilian fruit from Amazon can be bought in almost every store around the world. Açai berries are famous for alleged health properties that are widely promoted by those who favor mass consumption of this fruit. The fact is that acai berries are the basis of the diet of the inhabitants of the Amazon jungle. Are they also an indispensable component of the diet for residents of more civilized regions? Read more