Obesity may be associated with intestinal problems

Shedding excess body fat is a big problem for many people. And although it is well known that an effective weight loss process is a combination of diet and exercise, recent studies indicate that there is another important factor that affects the increased accumulation of adipose tissue.

Nature Medicine published an article in which intestinal bacteria populations were analyzed in mice. The study showed that mouse obesity depends on the presence of some kind of microorganisms in the intestines and the so-called Metabolic syndrome often precedes glucose disturbances in the blood and can cause fat to accumulate in the body.

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Metabolic syndrome is diagnosed in people of all ages. Some children, teenagers, young people and the baby boomer, as well as seniors have problems with the accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body. The consequence of this situation is an increased risk of serious illness.

Probiotics can help control appetite and sugar levels and regulate fat metabolism.

According to the opinion of microbiologists, manipulation of the intestinal microflora by administering prebiotics and probiotics reduces intestinal inflammation with a low degree of malignancy and improves the integrity of the intestinal barrier, thus improving metabolic balance and promoting weight loss. Unfavorable fungi that colonize the intestines, absorb a large amount of energy, and further affect the intestinal motility, appetite, blood glucose level, lipid metabolism and fat storage in the liver.

Function of probiotics in slimming.

An effective probiotic is a strain of bacteria that undigested reaches the large intestine and stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria. Probiotics (e.g., Bifidobacteria) are stimulated to growth by means of prebiotics. It has been shown that the combined use of probiotics and prebiotics facilitates weight loss and reduces the ability to store fat.

DIGESTIVE+++ contains active probiotics and the most effective prebiotics, which are purified fructooligosaccharides (FOS) from Jerusalem artichoke and dandelion leaves and Yacon root. It also contains a full range of basic enzymes that promote complete digestion and facilitate the absorption of nutrients from food.

In recent years, microbiologists have conducted studies to determine the additional important functions of beneficial microorganisms and prebiotic food. This symbiotic partnership between our bodies and the optimal microbial ecosystem can support proper weight management and metabolism.

Additional tips that will help you restore your natural body weight.

  • Include small portions of healthy fats (nuts, avocados) in your diet.
  • Eat lean proteins and limit starchy carbohydrates (white bread, pasta, rice and products with a high sugar content).
  • Remember about regular physical activity. Walk, run, swim. Participate in dance, pilates, yoga or try something completely new.

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