Health benefits of nuts

Nuts are a natural source of beneficial fatty acids. Nuts are caloric and rich in microelements. It is scientifically proven that raw and unsalted nuts are one of the best foods. Despite high calorie content and high fat content, it is worth adding nuts to your daily diet.

Nuts are beneficial to the heart

Studies show that monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in nuts help reduce total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Bad cholesterol accumulates along the walls of the arteries and narrows blood vessels, which is the cause of various health problems. So, when you add nuts to your daily diet, you will reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Particularly preferred in this regard are walnuts and pecans.

Nuts help with diabetes

Nuts lower triglycerides, and studies show that diabetics have elevated levels of these simple fats. By adding nuts to your daily diet, you can reduce the risk of developing Type II diabetes. It has been noticed that after eating almond, the level of the hormone called adiponectin increases, which helps to stabilize the blood sugar level.

Nuts and excess weight

Traditional slimming diets are often based on the reduction of fats, including nuts, and these are the ones that contain many valuable ingredients and should be a permanent part of the daily menu. Almonds support the loss of excess weight in several ways. They are rich in dietary fiber, which not only helps to cleanse the digestive tract, but also increases energy levels. They are a great substitute for meat and milk because they are rich in protein and calcium and do not contain saturated fats. Consumption of almonds causes a feeling of fullness and high content of unsaturated fatty acids has a beneficial effect on thermogenesis.

Fighting against cancer

According to some theories, cancer appears when there are too many toxins in the body. Nuts are rich in antioxidants that help get rid of toxins. As a result, you can dramatically reduce the risk of cancer.

Strengthen the immune system

In addition to the high content of unsaturated fatty acids, Brazil nuts are characterized by an extremely high content of selenium. Selenium is a micronutrient essential for maintaining health. Selenium deficiencies may be the cause of weakening of the immune system, infertility in men and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Nuts are a natural source of health. They provide many components necessary for the proper functioning of the body: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin E, fiber, microelements, antioxidants. Thanks to this, nuts prevent many diseases, such as: stroke, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, and also contribute to reducing stress and improving male fertility. In addition to health properties, the nuts have a rich taste and are easily available. Eat nuts for health!

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