Natural treatment of a viral infection

For a viral infection to be cured quickly and without any complications, an efficiently functioning immune system is needed. There are natural remedies that effectively support the eradication of a viral infection by the body’s immune system. Thanks to antiviral herbs and dietary supplements, it is possible not only to prevent influenza, but also to support immune system of the body against the devastating effects of infecting other dangerous viruses.

Natural healing agents have been used hundreds of years before modern medicine was created. In the case of a viral infection, the best results are the use of antiviral herbs and a healthy diet containing foods that improve the functioning of the immune system.

The first element of antiviral treatment is the use of appropriate herbs to strengthen the immune system and prevent viral infections. Traditionally, viral infections are combated with the following herbs: garlic, ginger, calendula, without black, cat’s claw, liquorice root. Herbs can be used as infusions, teas, oils or extracts. Natural substances have a wide range of health-promoting properties, so in addition to anti-inflammatory effects, one can expect benefits from the cardiovascular system, the digestive system and many other aspects of health.

The dosage method of these natural substances should be selected individually for each person. That is why it is good to contact a person with appropriate knowledge in this area. Most herbs are considered safe, but there is the possibility of interacting with pharmacological drugs. Always consult your doctor before making a decision about natural therapy – this applies especially to pregnant women and people with chronic diseases.

How do I dose LAMININE to help with a viral infection?

To support the treatment of viral infections (HIV, influenza), Lifepharm recommends using 2 to 5 capsules a day.

The second element of antiviral treatment is the right diet. It is important to increase the intake of foods supporting the functioning of the immune system. It is necessary to supplement the diet with green leafy vegetables, which are a source of vitamin A, and increase the intake of vitamin C. The basic source of strength of the immune system is bacterial microflora. Therefore, foods containing probiotics, such as pickled cucumbers, yoghurts, and kimchi, contribute to the eradication of infection. The functioning of the immune system can be helped by using dietary supplements (eg IMMUNE+++).

Remember to always start the treatment with a doctor’s appointment to make the diagnosis.

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