Vitamin C can help get rid of fat

Vitamin C is used in thousands of biochemical processes and reactions that take place in all cells of the body. A deficiency of this important vitamin may make it difficult or impossible to perform numerous physiological functions. However, although food is widely available in most countries, many people, both young and old, provide too little vitamin C as part of their diet.

According to the latest research, vitamin C minimizes fat storage. Perhaps this is an excellent method to eliminate many of the chronic metabolic disorders associated with obesity, including insulin resistance, high levels of harmful fats in the blood and cardiac arrhythmia.

Adipose tissue secretes bioactive proteins called adipokines, which are important fat relays. The most important of these is adiponectin. It is a hormone that occurs in a smaller number in people struggling with obesity, than in people with normal body weight. Obese people have a greater amount of inflammation that is the cause of oxidative stress and change the functioning of the gene responsible for the production of adiponectin.

Low level of adiponectin is a factor that increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and metabolic problems. As the weight is lost, until the body weight is reached, the inflammation decreases and the production of adiponectin and the BMI body mass index return to normal. As a result of losing excess weight, the condition of the liver, heart and muscle is improved.

Controlling the BMI index with a diet

The type of food consumed has a fundamental impact on our feelings after a meal – hunger or satiety. Eating products containing a lot of protein induces the phenomenon of postprandial thermogenesis. The heat produced after eating a protein meal, increases the metabolic rate and increases the feeling of satiety. Therefore, a diet rich in protein improves the effectiveness of weight loss. Decreasing appetite, which results from the reduction of the glycemic effect of a meal, can also be achieved by eating a combination of peanuts and vinegar. Thus, systematic weight loss can be achieved through regular exercise and the use of a reasonable diet. The effectiveness of the slimming program can be significantly improved by using vitamin C supplementation.

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