How to lower blood sugar levels?

The correct blood sugar level is very important for the health and proper functioning of the body. Each cell of the body is equipped with receptors that allow the absorption of glucose into the cell – this process takes place with the participation of hormones (insulin) secreted by the pancreas. For cells to function, they need a strictly defined dose of glucose. Both deficiency and excess sugar is harmful to health. In modern times, excess blood sugar is a common problem. So how do you bring your blood sugar to normal?

After eating a meal, the pancreas secretes insulin, which prepares the body’s cells to absorb sugar (carbohydrates). Under the influence of insulin, cells begin to absorb carbohydrates, and after absorbing enough carbohydrates, the cells “close” and do not take more of this ingredient – otherwise they would be destroyed. Excess glucose, which has not been used by cells, circulates around the body until it is removed.

High levels of glucose in the blood cause numerous adverse side reactions.

For this reason, blood vessels and connective tissue suffer the most. Excess glucose reacts with a variety of molecules and as a result, harmful products are created that affect the body.

An effective and natural way to lower blood sugar levels

Traditional Asian cultures have known for many years beneficial pro-health activity of fertilized bird eggs. Fertilized bird eggs are used as a perfect remedy for various ailments and diseases. Recent research has shown that fertilized bird eggs contain various factors stimulating cells, proteins, peptides and amino acids at every stage of development, as well as many other nutrients that can support cell health and even contribute to the rejuvenation and regeneration of vital functions.

Modern scientists have used these miraculous properties of a fertilized egg and created a dietary supplement called Laminine, which, among other things, can help maintain the proper level of sugar in the blood. In addition, this preparation provides the body with a full set of natural amino acids, which are key to maintaining health for many years. The effects of using go far beyond regulating blood sugar levels and include, for example: reducing stress, improving the appearance of the skin, improving sleep quality, raising energy levels, improving learning and concentration, and many other health benefits.

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