A natural way to lower cortisol levels

Excess cortisol is not good. But cortisol is not inherently bad – it is a vital hormone that is necessary for the body to react properly in a stressful situation. So what is the goal of lowering cortisol levels? Cortisol lowering agents are easy to buy at a pharmacy or online. Is it really necessary to artificially lower the level of cortisol?

Dietary supplements that lower cortisol levels are advertised as a wonderful way to shed excess weight. However, despite the correlation between weight gain and prolonged, high levels of cortisol, no information has been published so far that would confirm that lowering the cortisol level results in a decrease in the volume of adipose tissue. Instead of thinking about an unnatural reduction in cortisol levels, develop a good training plan and nutritional program, improve recovery and learn to control stress. In this way, you’ll burn fat and gain muscle tissue without any dietary supplements.

In some situations, unnatural cortisol levels can be harmful to your health. If you train too hard and take supplements that lower cortisol levels, then further overtraining may lead to exhaustion of adrenaline. A better solution is to rest or reduce the intensity of training. Symptoms of overtraining include increased resting impulse, sleep disturbances, fatigue, reduced endurance and reduced fitness.

How to reduce cortisol naturally?

  • Avoid using a diet with very low caloric value over a long period of time. A low-calorie diet is very stressful for the body. Low-calorie diets increase cortisol levels while lowering testosterone levels.
  • Apply stress reduction techniques. Stress, anger, anxiety and fear raise cortisol levels.
  • Avoid constant stress. Stress is an integral element of progress in training. However, after the stress, full regeneration must take place. The next training can be started only after regeneration and rest.
  • Avoid overtraining. Plan your workouts so that they are intense but not too long. Cortisol levels increase rapidly after about an hour of strength training. The intensity of training and duration adjust to your own regeneration abilities.
  • Maximize regeneration after workouts using proper nutrition.
  • Go to bed and get up at regular times. Get enough sleep. Healthy sleep is the best way to regenerate and confirm stress control.
  • Avoid stimulants (caffeine, alcohol, ephedrine, etc.).
  • Take good care of the body.

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