Bacillus coagulans – an effective probiotic

The first information on this strain of probiotic bacteria, isolated from coagulated milk powder, was published in 1915. According to the scientific description, it is a gram of a positive, oxygen-based rod that synthesizes lactic acid and has the ability to create extremely stable endospores. Bacillus coagulans has been used as an ingredient in food products and dietary supplements for many years.

In order for beneficial microorganisms to perform pro-health functions, they must enter the large intestine intact. This is possible due to the high resistance of the probiotic to low stomach pH and bile acids. Bacteria of the genus Bacillus, have the ability to form resting forms that allow microorganisms to survive adverse environmental conditions (unfavorable temperature and pH, lack of water and nutrients, UV radiation). Endospores remain viable despite unfavorable conditions. In the sporadic form they wait for favorable conditions in which they will be able to “revive” and create vegetative forms. Thanks to this, they can get through the stomach in an intact condition and reach the intestine to fulfill their pro-health function there.

Bacteria Bacillus coagulans produce lactic acid, which inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

Bacillus coagulans are 100% safe and have only a beneficial effect on the consumer’s body. Toxicity tests were conducted on animals, and no adverse reactions or pathological changes at the tissue level were found during supplementation. Another important advantage of this probiotic is the lack of a negative impact on the autochthonic gastrointestinal microflora. Although Bacillus coagulans is not naturally present in the human gastrointestinal tract, however, this bacterial strain does not cause the degeneration of human bacterial flora in the gastrointestinal tract. This fact confirms the safety of using probiotics from the Bacillus coagulans family.

Effect of the probiotic on the immune system and the osteoarticular system

In many scientific works, cells of beneficial probiotics have been shown to activate human immune cells and enhance the production of proteins that affect the activity of cells in the immune system. Based on these facts, it is suggested that the anti-inflammatory effect of the probiotic can be used to treat inflammatory bowel diseases and support the immune system.

The effect of Bacillus coagulans supplementation on rheumatoid arthritis was also examined. The probiotic was administered to a selected group of people for 60 days. During the supplementation, reduction of pain and inflammation as well as improved mobility were observed. The results of the blood analysis confirmed a decrease in the concentration of protein that appears in the blood as a consequence of inflammation.

Properties of Bacillus coagulans bacteria:

  • Support for the immune system.
  • Positive effect on intestinal bacterial flora.
  • Reduction of complaints in the irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Relief of food intolerance symptoms.
  • Regeneration of the intestinal mucosa.
  • Elimination of harmful bacteria.
  • Help in maintaining a healthy body weight.
  • Improvement of digestive processes.
  • Seal and strengthen the intestinal barrier.

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