Antioxidant properties of egg extract

Laminine is an innovative dietary supplement whose basic ingredient is the unprocessed extract of fertilized bird eggs. The special procedure and the strict incubation time ensure that the original pro-health ingredients remain fully active – unique peptides, proteins, enzymes and bioactive growth factors. Among many health properties of this preparation, one of the most important is antioxidant protection.

According to the current state of knowledge, oxidative stress is responsible for the aging of the body and the development of various diseases. It is believed that the antioxidants provided as part of the diet bring potential benefits in reducing the risk of some chronic diseases. There are extensive studies that confirm the beneficial properties of antioxidants of vegetable origin, including fruit, vegetables, cereals and herbs.

Proteins found in fertilized eggs are also powerful antioxidants. Fertilized eggs also contain vitamin E, vitamin A, selenium and carotenoids, which also have antioxidant properties. However, eggs eaten as part of a diet do not have these properties. That is why it is worth reaching for a reputable and proven product.

Iron and copper are bound by phosphopeptides

Small protein molecules that bind phosphorus are phosphopeptides. Thanks to their chemical properties, they inhibit the formation of insoluble and harmful calcium phosphates and iron complexes. As a result, they increase the bioavailability of calcium and iron – they prevent oxidation.

One of the most important phosphopeptides is fosvitine, which is found in the egg extract used in Laminine. It contains a much higher number of phosphates per molecule than milk protein.

Iron and copper are nutrients necessary for health. However, eating too much of these ingredients in foods can be harmful. Excess iron and copper can be oxidized, and harmful structures can come into contact with cell membranes and cause serious damage. The ingredients of Laminine are the most effective antioxidant to capture unbound iron and copper within the cell membrane – even stronger than vitamin E.

Laminine also contains all necessary and indispensable amino acids in a natural, non-synthetic form.

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