Can you overdose on green tea?

Everyone has heard about the miraculous properties of green tea. Among other things, it accelerates metabolism, weight loss, strengthens blood vessels, prevent colds and cancer. Is one glass a day enough to experience all the benefits of green tea? How much green tea should be drunk? Is it dangerous to drink too much green tea?

Doctors recommend drinking one or two cups of green tea a day. Study of the impact of green tea on cancer shows that with this disease, the most beneficial for health is to drink 2-3 cups a day. As for the gastric cancer it was observed that drinking five cups a day reduces the risk of its occurrence. Seven cups of green tea a day, that is the amount that will speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight.

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There are also studies that show that the more green tea you drink, the more you will have health benefits. However, the maximum amount is limited to ten cups. But some people are sensitive to caffeine or suffer from insomnia. In this case, ten cups may be too much.

Drinking too much of green tea has negative consequences.

Green tea contains tannins, which in large quantities can block the absorption of folic acid (vitamin B9). Folic acid plays a very important role and its deficiency may cause negative health consequences.

Pregnant women should limit drinking green tea to two cups a day, or opt out of it at all.

Green tea also affects the absorption of iron. Therefore it is recommended to avoid drinking it during meals.

How much green tea do you drink a day?

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  • 19 December 2020 at 14:55

    While green tea will usually deliver many health benefits, there are several precautions for those with health conditions and allergies. Green tea is without a doubt better and viable alternative to drinking coffee.


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