Ordinary tomatoes help in the treatment of cancer

Proponents of a holistic approach to health have long claimed that the tomato has ingredients to prevent cancer and healing cancers. Recently, there has been scientific confirmation of this information, especially in the field of prostate cancer treatment. Tomatoes can also reduce the risk of other types of cancer: lung cancer, stomach, pancreas, breast, cervix, large intestine, mouth and throat. Read more

Selenium and prostate cancer

Information on how selenium affects prostate cancer is diametrically opposed. On the one hand, there are hypotheses that a high level of selenium in the body was a factor preventing prostate cancer. Other sources, however, state that selenium supplementation may increase the risk of prostate cancer. What is the truth about selenium? Selenium fights prostate cancer, or rather favors it? Read more

Alternative methods of prostate cancer treatment

Prostate cancer is a very common problem in men aged around 80. In the 50-80 age range, almost half of men suffer from more or less advanced forms of prostate cancer. However, prostate cancer is very rarely the cause of death. Although it is such a common disease, doctors are still not sure about the exact causes of prostate cancer. The ethnic risk is considered to be the basic risk factor for developing prostate cancer. Men of African origin are the most vulnerable, and the Asians are the safest. Read more