Surgical enlargement of the penis

Men are increasingly visiting plastic surgery clinics. Gentlemen took matters into their own hands and wanted to increase the size of their penis.

A plastic surgeon may perform a penis enlargement operation in several ways. Two treatments are safe, the third – surgery can be risky.

The simplest and fastest method of penis enlargement is the use of a hyaluronic acid filler. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and involves injecting the filler into the right penis parts. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia. The effect is bold and slightly elongated penis. There are no scars left after the procedure. Injection of hyaluronic acid is safe and very rarely causes complications. The disadvantage of this method is the short duration of the effects – only about a dozen or so months. For some time after the procedure the penis has to be massaged to avoid acid movement within the penis and consequently deformation.

Another method is to transplant your own body fat. The patient is undergoing anesthesia. The surgeon absorbs adipose tissue, which is then transplanted into the intimate area. The effect of the operation is similar to the injection of hyaluronic acid. The advantage is that a foreign filler in the form of an artificial filler is not in the body. Removing excess fatty tissue from the abdominal or lateral area will be a pleasant side effect for overweight men. The disadvantage of the treatment is time limited effect. The problem may also be the lack of sufficient material for transplant in very slim people.

The classic method of penis elongation is surgery. The operation gives a permanent effect in the form of penis prolongation. Depending on the male anatomical condition, the penis can be lengthened by 3-6 cm. However, the operation brings with it the possibility of complications. Side effect may be damage to the erection mechanism. The operation leaves a visible scar.

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