How to effectively enlarge your penis

Nowadays, each of us strives to meet the demands of fashion, trends just prevailing and general expectations of society. Unfortunately, a fast lifestyle and general haste are not conducive and problems arise. One of the problems that gentlemen want to compensate at any price is too small size of the penis.

Looking at websites devoted to the subject of masculine nature, we will see complex tables that give values ​​in centimeters, classifying our penis to small, medium or large. If we follow the information provided, it will turn out that practically every man has a small member. This causes concern and we decide on different ways to enlarge the penis. To enlarge or thicken a member is not a problem today. Just look at the range of stores with erotic accessories or look for them on the Internet. And undoubtedly there is a lot of money.

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What are the ways to enlarge your penis?

We can divide them into two groups: mechanical and natural. We can call the mechanical means to induce penis growth. These include surgery and devices such as a vacuum pump and extenders.

Surgery is the most invasive method, but thanks to it, we can lengthen and thicken the member at the same time, and at the same time see the results of the surgery almost immediately after him. The downside of this member expansion option is the high cost. Surgery is not cheap. Vacuum pumps are already a cheaper method and will also help us improve the overall look of our nature. However, the effect of their use is rare in the long-term.

Extenders are otherwise referred to as penis stretchers. It is an extremely convenient device, because due to its small size, you can wear it almost all the time on yourself. The tensile effect forces the production of new cells that increase the length of the penis. An additional advantage of the extender is that when using it, we no longer need additional support for this method of member enlargement by any other means. This method is completely safe and convenient.

We can include tablets and creams as well as exercises for natural methods of penis enlargement. These three methods can be used simultaneously and then they will be the most effective. Remember, however, that they require the longest time to notice the effects.

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