What should be avoided during menopause?

Around the age of fifty, there is a reduction in the activity of the sex glands in the woman’s body. During this period, the level of estrogen is significantly reduced, which is the cause of many changes and complications in everyday functioning.

Hormones produced during childbearing are responsible for sexual maturation and the menstrual cycle. When estrogen levels gradually decrease, then signs of aging begin to appear: skin flaccidity, wrinkles, and dulling of the hair. Changes in hormone balance may also be the cause of emotional instability or problems with maintaining optimal body weight.

Avoid food that may worsen the symptoms of menopause.

Processed foods and foods produced on an industrial scale can contain large amounts of sugar, chemical preservatives and synthetic additives. The elimination of these substances facilitates the survival of the menopause and is beneficial for improving overall health. In addition, an excess of carbohydrates may further disturb the hormonal balance and make it difficult to maintain a healthy body weight. Excessive fat accumulation is a problem for many women during menopause.

Meat produced on an industrial scale can also cause problems. A reasonable solution is buying meat from organic farms. Animals bred in accordance with traditional methods are the only source of healthy food. Buying organic meat, eggs, dairy products and poultry ensures that you will not eat antibiotics, meat fed GMO and hormones.

Consuming large amounts of refined sugar can cause uncontrolled weight gain, digestive problems, hormonal imbalance, increased hot flushes and intestinal microbial balance disorders.

Consumption of refined oils and trans fats contributes to many health problems and is discouraged especially during menopause. Thanks to this, you can avoid heart problems, weight gain, diabetes and cognitive impairment.

Carbonated and sweetened drinks “steal” calcium from the body and contribute to the reduction of bone density, osteoporosis and tooth problems.

During menopause, it is worth taking an interest in dietary supplements, which can be included in the category of condensed and valuable food. Such a preparation is, for example, LAMININE – a dietary supplement that provides a full range of amino acids, valuable proteins and a patented extract of chicken eggs, the effect of which is compared to the action of stem cells.

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