The most valuable advantages of green tea

Certainly there is no person who would not hear about green tea and the health benefits of drinking it. Do you drink this strong antioxidant every day? Do you know all the positive aspects of drinking green tea? And what does the issue of green tea overdose look like?

Over the centuries, green tea has been one of the most popular drinks in the world. The Chinese have been drinking it for thousands of years. It is now the second most popular drink in the world, right behind the water! Green tea is a component of many blends and dietary supplements, such as Kou Tea – for people who want to lose weight.

Both green tea and black tea are produced from a plant called Chinese tea (Camellia sinensis). The difference is that green tea is unfermented, which means that its strong antioxidant properties remain fully intact. The power of green tea lies in polyphenols from the catechin group. These powerful antioxidants not only inhibit the growth of tumors, but also destroy cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue. The list of health properties of green tea is long.

It helps in losing weight. According to scientific research, green tea speeds up metabolism and slows the release of carbohydrates in the body. Prevents rapid increase in blood sugar. Green tea also slows the release of carbohydrates in the body, preventing a sharp rise in blood sugar.

Increases immunity. Green tea is one of the strongest antioxidants available and therefore reduces the risk of cancer. It also contains vitamins and minerals valuable for the body.

It lowers cholesterol. Drinking green tea lowers total cholesterol, and also improves the ratio of good cholesterol (HDL) to bad cholesterol (LDL).

Green tea does not cause any side effects, increases the overall energy level and strengthens the immune system. It’s good to turn green tea into your daily diet.

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