How to make delicious coffee?

Everyone likes to drink good coffee. Do you have to go to a cafe for this? No, delicious coffee can be made by yourself. Here are 3 simple tips that will make everyone want to come to drink your coffee.

Clean the coffee maker

Cleanliness is a basic issue. All the dishes you use to make coffee must be cleaned after each use. Remnants of old coffee accumulated on the walls of the dish, disastrously affect the taste of the drink. Fat and residue of cleaning products are also collected on the dishes. All this contributes to the fact that coffee prepared in a dish without a loaf loses flavor and taste.

For thorough cleaning of the cup and the coffee maker, only baking soda and water are needed. Remember to thoroughly scrub the dishes and rinse with plenty of water.

Use filtered water

The water you use to brew coffee has a very big effect on the taste. After all, the coffee consists of 99% water. Use clean, filtered or bottled water free of chlorine and other substances that could affect the taste of your coffee.

If you use coffee filters, use stainless steel or gold filters instead of paper filters. Your coffee will taste better if you forget about paper filters. Paper filters release dyes, chlorine and bleaches that affect the taste.

Use coffee beans

Good quality coffee beans are more expensive, but the drink made from them has an incomparably richer taste and aroma.

For best results, use good quality coffee beans that will be ground just before use. You may think that this is an inconvenience compared to ground coffee, but when you try this difference, you will never buy ground coffee.

The best taste and the richest aroma are the freshly brewed coffee. The coffee should not be reheated or microwaved. Without prejudice to the taste, coffee can be stored in a thermos for about an hour.

If you follow these three simple tips, each cup you brew will meet the expectations of the greatest connoisseurs of the taste of coffee.

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