Dietary supplements as anti-depressants

Contemporary anti-depressants are relatively safe and have slight side effects. They are used to treat mental and depressive disorders and are only available on prescription. There are also preparations that can be bought without a prescription, and the effects of their actions include relieving stress and depression. So, before you decide on chemical antidepressants, it is worth trying more safe and milder, natural preparations.

LAMININE as an anti-depressant

This preparation is characterized by the ability to reduce the level of cortisol in the body. Maintaining the correct level of cortisol is associated with the optimal secretion of the happiness hormone, or serotonin. This contributes to balancing the state of mind and emotional stability.

IMMUNE+++ as an anti-depressant

This preparation mainly supports the immune system. But due to the content of Ashwagandha herbs, it is also used to combat stress. Ashwagandha has a beneficial rejuvenating effect, relieves stress and anxiety and provides a good night’s sleep.

OMEGA+++ as an anti-depressant

Although it is a dietary supplement aimed mainly at supporting the health of the heart and the work of the cardiovascular system, it also helps in controlling stress and regulates the level of cortisol. It is known that omega 3 acids are inhibitors of the overproduction of some compounds responsible for inflammation, which are released as a reaction to too strong stimulation of the immune system. Recent research shows that the brain’s response to inflammation may be directly related to mental disorders (including depression). Omega 3 acids are very important for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Each nerve and brain cell needs omega-3 acids that form the structure of long nerve fibers. This dietary supplement also contains vitamin K2, which helps maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, which is important in maintaining health.

DIGESTIVE+++ as an anti-depressant

Research done in recent years has shown that the use of probiotics and prebiotics improves many aspects of health, in addition to the immune system. The beneficial bacterial flora in the gut affects the health of the skin, liver and brain. Keeping the digestive system in the optimal state can help to overcome stress.

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